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Dreams can fuel our lives. They propel us forward and inspire us to do great things. Check out these amazing entries for our Make It Happen contest. It’s never too late reach your goals and dreams!

Channeling the Sandara Park in me. Haha! Today, I have meet new people and I think I have gained new friends. ❤ Thank so much Dece for giving the me the chance to experience your incredible talent when it comes to applying make up. You have the potential. :)))
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Makuha ka sa tingin pose. Photograph by: Edwin Redrino
May the ‘PORES’ be with you.
The world will have ways to remind you how wonderful you are; even on candies.
Weeeeerkitguel. 💋✖️✖️
Currently listening to r5’s cover of this song. Go figure. 😳👍❤️
Yeah 🎠
“I was in awkwardly shaped head Neanderthal league”
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